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Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) offers you the complete peace of mind as our experts gives you the most customised and tailormade investments based on your investment objective and risk appeptite. The Portfolio Management Services (PMS) ensure your investments are done in various financial products like equity stocks, fixed deposits, debt investments, SIPs and other structured financial investment products and other individual securities.

Portfolio Management Services are managed by professional investment managers having vast expertise in money management and provides you with customised and tailormade investments plans based on your risk appetite. The Portfolio Management Services have various schemes like advisory, discretionary and non-discretionary. In advisory portfolio manager provide advice to the investor with investment options and the investor takes the choice and execution of the investmet.

The discretionary portfolio management service the portfolio manager has the sole discretion to the make the investment on behalf of the investor. In non-discretionary portfolio management service the portfolio manager advice to the investor with investment options while the investor can decide on whether to do the investment or not. The execution of the investment is done by the portfolio manager in non-discretionary portfolio management service. Get in touch with us for any portfolio management service. We are always here to help you with your investments.